giganews Best Usenet Provider

giganews Best Usenet Provider

  • 1 269 days binary retention
  • 2,812 days text retention
  • Free VyprVPN access
  • Free Mimo newsreader
  • Special:Dump Truck online storage
  • Up to 50 connections

  • Unlimited, SSL, VPN, Mimo
  • Unlimited, SSL
  • 50 GB, SSL
  • 10 GB, SSL

provider description

Since 1994, Giganews has been the world’s leading Usenet provider. News servers provide the longest binary and text retention in the world with the fastest speeds. For over 15 years, Giganews have been fanatical Usenet supporters and remain committed to improving Usenet in the future.

Location :  United-States Founded in 1994