Get New Newshosting Newsreader | Best usenet service is excited to announce that Newshosting just announced the beta pre-release of its very own Newshosting Usenet client.  It is available to all new customers for free and will later be released to all subscribers following the beta pre-release.

The new Newshosting Usenet client allows users to search, preview and download Usenet content (like movies) with unprecedented ease.  Many Usenet clients require a complicated configuration process.  With this News Usenet client,  nothing to configure, just a simple login ! Easy !
newshosting beta newsreader
The Usenet client includes several features such as:

-File preview, automatic thumbnails available

-Auto un-rar and auto par


-Sort groups by file type (images, audio file, documents, etc)

-Newshosting Newsreader will read .nfo where included

-Text and binary support

-Post to text groups directly.

Auto-Repair checks and repairs all downloads before they’re completed.  This means no more broken downloads.  Auto-Unpack will unpack, or unzip, files to your downloads folder automatically.  New video previews allow users to view a segment of a video file before downloading the full file.

In just two years, Newshosting has dramatically increased its retention rates from 250 to 1,090 days.  Technical and infrastructural enhancements, including massive storage and network upgrades to its N. American and European Usenet server farms, have allowed Newshosting to support and spool up to a full 1,090 days of retention with 99%+ article completion and lightning-fast, secure Tier-1 Usenet access.

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